Tis the Season

It’s crab season and there’s nothing like a big bowl of Cioppino. especially with all of the cold and rainy weather we’ve been having. My best friend Mike and I popped into Anchor Bar in the Castro recently to indulge. Mike used to live around the corner and is on a first name basis with everyone on staff. It was my first time. Yes, a virgin in the Castro, go figure!

The place is really quaint. There’s usually a waiting list which is hanging (host free) on a clipboard by the front door. It seats no more than 20 people and prime seating is at the long counter that runs the length of the restaurant. Not only is it a great place to people watch with strategically placed mirrors, but you get to see all the action happening “back of the house.” You also are almost forced to rub elbows with the person sitting next to you and with that conversations ensue.

The night we dined at Anchor, I struck up a conversation with a lovely couple visiting from out of town. I’m not sure if our conversation was instigated by an elbow rub or if I inadvertently squirted them with juice from my giant crab leg. Whatever the case, a delicious time was had by all. They were also nice enough to capture the moment on my iPhone.

Posted by: TAWD on January 28, 2010

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