“Soldier of Love”

The new song by Sade “Soldier of Love” is just about exactly what I needed right now. No one does it quite like Sade and when the ten year silence is broken by something this good it’s almost worth the wait… almost. Ten years! Yikes! Who else in the music industry has that type of arrangement? Make an album, wait a decade, make another album and have it just as well received as the last, retaining all of your fans in the meantime. Somehow Sade can pull that off.

Sade herself said recently, “I only make records when I feel I have something to say. I’m not interested in releasing music just for the sake of selling something. Sade is not a brand.” The later part of that statement is debatable, especially to those of us in the branding and marketing arena. None-the-less, the idea that you only create when you feel you have something to say is a mantra not shared by most recording artists (and undoubtedly the record companies). Britney are you listening?

All of that said, Sony spared no expense in the video for this song. It’s a visual feast! Sade looks the same, only better. The eery environment, choreography, art direction; all brilliant. That, and the fact that the song is over 6 minutes long, really takes you on an escape.

The full album of the same title is released on February 9th.

Posted by: TAWD on January 29, 2010

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  1. The album is superb. Classic Sade! A special shout out to Sophie Muller for the stunning images on the CD sleeve! Sophie has worked with several innovative artists including Tori Amos and Annie Lennox.

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