Circa 1988

I recently came across these photographs. This was my first foray into environmental design. My family had landed for a brief stay in Medford, Oregon. Just long enough for me to become the editor of the high school yearbook and nab a job as layout editor for a state sponsored student magazine project called “Looking Good in the Rogue Valley.”

Between school, my job selling pre-framed artwork at the mall and the two extracurricular activities mentioned above, I still managed to find extra time to be creative. I befriended the owner of the indie record shop downtown called Sunset Records. They still sold vinyl, yet were slowly moving towards an all-cassette inventory.

The deal was that I would design the front windows of the shop in exchange for store credits. I had my eye on the new releases from the Thompson Twins and Thomas Dolby. Well, the terms and conditions were all agreed upon and before I could say “new wave” I was sketching out my design proposal for the windows.

The final installation was a three-dimensional collage with painted cardboard props with hand lettering of elements from the Sunset Records logo including the sun and some palm trees. The window received much praise not only from the owner but also from neighbors who quickly enquired about having their windows done. However, I didn’t really see window design as my highway to the future, so I kindly declined.

I dabbled in a lot of creative things early on. Photography, painting, cooking, interior design; all stuff I find incredibly fun and interesting. I guess that’s what I love so much about being a graphic designer. I occasional have to call upon my other interests and talents to do what I do. Graphic design really is a way to execute and pull just about anything together.

Incidentally, The girl in the photo is my sister Kelli. In case you are doubting the year these photos were taken, just check out the hair!

Posted by: TAWD on February 1, 2010

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