In Suburbia

Some notes and observations from a recent road trip to visit my mother in Folsom, CA.

– While en route I saw a giant oversized SUV with an “Obama’s not MY President,” an NRA seal, “Support Our Troops” and “Yes on Prop 8” stickers. As I passed “it” she was tossing her half lit cigarette out the window.

– I texted my friend Carlos while stopped for lunch in Vacaville. He told me “vaca” means cow in Spanish. So Vacaville means cow town! (Go figure)

– Jack in the Box is selling a “Pretzel Burger.” Apparently it’s a cheeseburger on a giant soft pretzel.

– Speaking of fast food, partnerships are all the rage. In addition to (the now famous) KFC / Taco Bell, I spotted a Long John Silvers / A&W and a Dairy Queen / Orange Julius.

– I passed a store in one of the infinite number of strip malls called “Inflatable Party Town.” I don’t even wanna know!

– A billboard along Highway 50 had a public service announcement for a campaign called “Don’t Shake Your Baby.”

– People are paid to stand on the corners of busy intersections holding signs advertising store sales, open houses and most popular; store closures and liquidations. In many cases, the sign holders are jumping up and down enthusiastically, which is really impressive in 80 degree heat.

– At a local coffee house I was confronted with a new system of sizes: tall, grande and ENORME! Of course, the “coffee” drinks they were mostly serving were just giant milkshakes in disguise. I mean, throw in a ground up Heath Bar or some Oreos and you’ve got yourself a Blizzard!

Posted by: TAWD on September 5, 2010

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