My dear friend and colleague Charlene Nevill has decided to move on to new shores. Those shores are yet TBD… Charlene has spent the last 15 years representing some of the most talented photographers in North America. I first met her 10 years ago when she came into the small agency I was with at the time to show off some of her best portfolios. I’ll always remember her accessories. Great glasses, a colorful scarf and always a fun hat. I knew the first time I saw Charlene she was right up my alley!

Charlene and I began getting better acquainted over our regular lunch dates which have continued to this day. Her fantastic stories of living in Manhattan and working for Tiffany’s were ten times more entertaining than “The Devil Wears Prada” and her insight and advise on the design & advertising industry were a true blessing. Additionally, I got to work with and befriend several of Charlene’s star photographers and collaborate on some amazing (and award winning) work.

Over the years Charlene and I have become more than just friends. We are family. Now I know she has some more specific theories about all this but the long and the short of it is that I really do trust, admire and love this woman. She has encouraged, supported and inspired me. I still look forward to our lunches although these days the conversation has turned from Tiffany to tomorrow.

And speaking of tomorrow… Charlene has decided to get out of the photo rep-ing business and follow her heart (and soul) elsewhere. Where? She is not entirely sure yet, but in the interim, I am excited to announce that she is going to be helping me (and my business) out with her vast knowledge and experience of making creatives shine.

We recently took down her “Vis-A-Vis” website. One of the first flash-based websites I ever designed. We have just replaced it with a bon voyage from the lady herself. Check it out!

Thanks Charlene for everything. May the years behind us be matched by many more years ahead!

Posted by: TAWD on June 3, 2010

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