Why not font?

“Font” has become one of those horribly overused and largely misunderstood words for the general public. When I say general public, I guess I am referring largely to PeeCee users everywhere who have been given the clear and distinct label “font to all things typographic. I have found that many of my very own clients will give directives such as, “Can you make the font italic?” or “I’d like the font bigger down there.” (“Can you make the logo bigger?” is another blog entry) When did this all happen? Probably about the same time the typewriter got thrown in a landfill and word processors became the wave of the future. With it, a whole new way to refer to everything. Sadly, for those of us who have spent years studying typography and appreciate the art form that it is, slapping a generic title on it seems wrong. Of course the word font is a real word and is correct to use. The word typeface just seems to pay the type families the respect that they deserve. Besides, “Kiss my Font” lacked the zing…

Posted by: TAWD on April 7, 2009

One response to “Why not font?”

  1. Love the blog and its name.

    Give the masses a little design, and they all think they become instant designers at the push of a button.

    I share your sentiments, only I’m more vexed on the commoners’ debacles with Photoshop. Just because your LE version comes with emboss and glowing edge filters doesn’t mean your head looks any cooler with them as applied on Facebook.

    Bittah? Oooohhh nooooo….

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