Where’s the Beef??

This weekend I had my best girlfriend in from out of town and we did a lot of eating out. Suddenly I noticed something that has slowly been going on here in the city. Of course, it took a more concentrated series of experiences for me to really feel passionately enough to speak out about. Portions, like the economy have completely shrunk! Burgers are the size of breakfast patties, steaks are cleverly carved and stacked to give the illusion of a regular sized portion and fish entrees more closely resemble McNuggets. And if you’d like fries with that, be sure to order them because they are not included (not even at Mels!) On at least 4 different occasions this weekend, I left the restaurant almost more hungry than when I got there. What’s a growing boy to do? Double-order or race home to raid the fridge? Now, I know that times are tough, that food costs are skyrocketing and that the SF healthcare tax is a bit much for small businesses to deal with but come on. Dining out is more than just the allure of the atmosphere and service. I am hungry! I have a simple idea: Raise the prices. Those who still want to go out to eat, can. They just need to pay for it. I would much rather just fork out and be satisfied. Is that too much to ask of my beloved SF eateries?

Posted by: TAWD on April 27, 2009

3 responses to “Where’s the Beef??”

  1. Love your beef over the lack of beef trend.

    The most entertaining of the mini portion offenders was Luna Park, who I expect better of after all these years.

    Who was the genius over there who came up with not-so-cleverly disguising kiddie-sized lunches by placing them on a small personal pizza pans in lieu of plates, as covered with 2-foot pieces of wax paper? Are we supposed to be so overwhelmed and/or confused by the presentation that we don’t notice they are parading appi-teazers as regular entrees? How dumb do they think we are?

    While most Americans could seriously benefit from belt-tightening during this era of all things downsized, where’s my meal at? (Thanks, Vivica.)

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