Time flies as they say. It was ten years ago today that I launched TAWD Design. Looking back it has been an amazing decade. I have gotten to work with a variety of clients and industries and further my range of creative output—identity and branding, print, packaging, environment and web. No “design stone” has been left unturned. From Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops, start ups and agency partnerships, I have been excited to create design solutions that add value and give each client distinction and attention.

To all of the wonderful people I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with, network and partner with over the past ten years, I raise a glass and say thank you. I feel blessed to have this career. I still love doing what I do—it excites, inspires and challenges me every day. It keeps me on my toes. Most of all, it gives me a tremendous amount of pride and accomplishment.

A special shout out to Paul Daddino, Mathew Leverone, Charlene Nevill, Mike McGinty, John Nguyen, Ho Blair, Stefan Andrizzi, Megan Christensen, Esra Oktar, Kevin Ng, Paul Moore, Kevin Twomey, Emily Payne, Marilyn Seely, Naomi Maloney, Richard Burton, Dan Conrad, Ambere St Denis, Katie Donnelly, Sarah Jane Morris, Janet Carney, Cindy Ng, Nora Chan, Chris Lehtonen, Audry DeLucia, Brenna Hamilton, Joe Freund, Larry Smith, Jill McCall, Aidan Kinsella, Ann Bulkin, Kathryn Morgan, Jorge Argüello and especially Linda Hedgpeth.

So here’s to ten.

Posted by: TAWD on October 18, 2016

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