Saville Does Y-3 (Again)

There was a turning point, one day back in 2003, when our trips to the gym got a little more fashion-forward. Yohji Yamamoto’s partnership with Adidas, Y-3, kicked off a decade of conceptual athletics-inspired pieces, becoming an instant favorite for the sporty set and beyond.

Y-3’s latest endeavor, just launched at Barneys, has everything we have come to expect from this dream team, plus one: graphic designer Peter Saville. Saville last worked with Yamamoto in 1991 on the designer’s “Game Over” collection.

As it turns out, game not over. Twenty-something years later, the pair brings us their Spring 2014 collection titled “Meaningless Excitement” and with it, plenty to be excited about! Referencing our internet-obsessed culture, Saville incorporated colorful prints and edgy typography into Y-3’s always forward-thinking creations.

Click to see Jez Tozer’s exclusive video about the collaboration.

Posted by: TAWD on June 8, 2014

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