Sanrio Hits The Grotto!

One has been around 40 years, the other for 60, but they have never met until now. It’s the latest big brand collaboration from Colette, Paris. The big idea being to gather the two most iconic characters in the world. Hello Kitty was born in England (not Japan!) on November 1st 1974, and the American Playboy bunny was imagined by art director Art Paul for the January 1954 issue of the magazine founded by Hugh Hefner. 

The series features a variety of collectors items made especially for Colette: Charvet embroided bow ties, Sleepy Jones t-shirt and boxer shorts, Happy Socks, Leica C digital cameras, X-Mini portable speakers, Case Scenario iPhone cases and Bernard Forever fake tattoos to name a few. All items available online at Colette.

Posted by: TAWD on March 1, 2014

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