Students of the elite London design school Central Saint Martins — the prestigious training grounds for the likes of Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and John Galliano — were asked to co-create a limited-edition bottle for Beefeater Gin. For the project, #MyLondon, students were asked, along with other city dwellers, to take photos of the things that most mean London to them.

That mission lasted much of last year, culminating with a mass projection party in Covent Garden Market. Out of the thousands of entries projected, only 1,000 were ultimately selected by a panel of judges to be featured on the unique bottle. And it really is unique. The label is printed with a mosaic made up of 2,200 photographs, a scrapbook of modern-day London befitting the only premium gin to still have a distillery in the British capital.

Posted by: TAWD on August 29, 2013

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