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Living With A Domestic Sculpture

The little Bocca, drawing from the exact proportions of the original version, maintains the sinuous feel and sensuality of a woman’s lips, exactly as intended by Studio65 which designed it in 1970. But, unlike her big sister, she has decided to get rid of her fabric dress and be coated just like her other two little friends—Pratone and Cactus. This visionary and glamorous sofa has inspired artists and photographers as a much-photographed protagonist and the center of attention in exhibitions all over the world.

Bocca is one of three miniature replicas from a new line called Guframini. State-of-the-art pre-painted molds—that faithfully reproduce Bocca, Cactus and Pratone—are injected with polyurethane foam. The result is a mini replica identical to the original. Each piece—finished by hand—has the same softness, color and detail. The new miniatures perfectly reproduce the smallest details of the famous domestic sculptures exhibited in the world’s leading museums and make for a must-have home accessory.

Posted by: TAWD on September 7, 2020

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