Keep On Truck’n!

No longer the “roach coach,” food trucks seem to be all the rage in major cities across the US. Why deal with waiting lists and snooty waiters when you can grab and go with your favorite gourmet delights? Here in San Francisco, it started with the now infamous taco trucks along Harrison Street in the Mission. These days you can dine “al fresco” at the French Brassiere Chez Spencer South of Market or get a giant sushi burrito from Sushirrito in the financial district.

Well, just when you thought outdoor dining couldn’t get anymore glamourous (or delicious) we had to get one-up’ed by the Euros! That’s right, Veuve Clicquot has just introduced a new gourmet food truck, or “rolling diner,” (since they’re classing it up with champagne!) The new Veuve truck is perfect for those moments when, stumbling home post-discotheque, you crave currywurst and champers.

As usual, in America we do it bigger and in Europe they do it better.

Posted by: TAWD on July 27, 2011

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