High Style

Saturday was a fashion and design tour-de-force! I started the day at the SF MOMA for the VIP ribbon cutting of the new roof top sculpture garden. The new space is nothing short of spectacular. I love the dramatic entrance of the suspended bridge. All of the decisions made by architect Mark Jensen are so thoughtful. From the selection of materials and plants to the way the space was designed integrating the inside with the outside so that you can be both places at the same time. For the fickle weather of San Francisco it is perfect. Saturday was a gorgeous day and there was nothing but clear sky. All of the glass walls were retracted and the champagne was flowing. Mr. Jensen spoke about his design process and described several of the architectural details. He was preceded by MOMA director Neal Benezra. It really was a proud moment for everyone who was involved. My family was actually secretly involved. Last year we made a donation towards the project in honor of my late father, Roger Hedgpeth. What an amazing place to pay tribute to a most amazing man!

After the museum soiree, I headed up to Geary Street to check out the new Paul Smith boutique that opened a few weeks ago. Built in the former Catholic bookstore, the space is fun, eclectic and totally hip! In addition to Paul’s fantastic clothes featuring his signature splash of color, there is an incredible selection of books and collectibles… all for sale! There was even a bundle of vintage Interview Magazines from the year Paul went into business. The staff are really friendly and helpful as well. It could easily become my favorite Union Square destination!

Posted by: TAWD on May 11, 2009

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  1. What a fantastic tribute to your dad, I can’t wait to see it.

    Speaking of the dearly departed and design influences, Jason would have pooped his Tweeds linen pants if he’d known someday there would be a Paul Smith boutique with vintage Interviews for sale. Maybe The End Up will let me buy a piece of their tar and gravel roof in his honor? Somehow that seems apropos.

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