Getting Out Of Dodge

I just came back from a long weekend on the central coast with a couple of good friends. We stayed at the beach-side town of Cambria in a home that was the former residence of the light house keeper. The house was once further up the coast and was moved down to Cambria at some point. It’s now owned by my brother’s (in law) family.

It was a perfect get-away. Surrounded by the ocean, great restaurants and a short trek to some wineries that would shame Napa valley! My absolute favorite is Justin. In addition to the amazing backdrop, one of my friends along on the excursion was visiting from the UK. He brought along a pile of British fashion and pop culture magazines. Could it get any better?? There’s something about sitting on a deck breathing in the fresh sea air and pouring over British Esquire that really takes me away! If there is such a thing as recharging your creative batteries, that is it for me!

Whilst “in the hood,” we rolled over to San Simeon to take one of the tours offered at Hearst Castle. What a breath taking and amazing place. I’ve been before, but it never ceases to impress me. The efforts of WR Hearst and his partner/architect Julia Morgan are stunning. I must say, I am always more impressed by the exteriors than what’s inside. Especially that swimming pool. Good lord!! The guy really knew how to live.

Posted by: TAWD on July 24, 2009

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