Mark Farrow has designed Pet Shop Boys’ forthcoming release, “Format,” a two-CD collection of b-sides and bonus tracks originally released between 1996 and 2009. The colorful graphics on the lift-off lid card box represents the music contained within. The composition on the box is a graphic representation of all the spines of all 38 of the b-sides and bonus tracks included on the compilation. Every stripe represents the spine of the original release format on which each of the songs was included, whether it was a J card, pochette, cassette, DVD jewel box or 7 inch single. The colours are also informed by the original releases.

The graphics on the two inner CD sleeves represent the tracks on each disc. There is a also a booklet included in the box. The booklet contains a Jon Savage interview with Neil Tenant and Chris Lowe about the songs. The booklet cover has the same type treatment as the box but features no graphics. Farrow said he deliberately kept it really simple, it is black and white throughout.

The album is out now.

Posted by: TAWD on February 28, 2012

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