David Bowie

It’s quite remarkable to me how one person could influence, inspire and effect so many different musical artists. In my generation of music (and by my generation, I’m referring to the New Wave music coming out of the UK in the 1980’s) just about every band I listened to (and in many cases still do) site David Bowie as the one who changed everything. From Soft Cell to Culture Club, Pet Shop Boys to New Order, Eurythmics to Dead or Alive, they have all acknowledged his influence.

Here in the US, many artists also point to Bowie as a major source of inspiration. In fact, dozens of musicians from all over the world took to the net today sharing kind words, emotions and gratitude. Neil Tennant said, “We are all Bowie’s children.” While both Boy George and Madonna said, “You changed my life.” Scores of actors, politicians, fans and Queen Elizabeth also had sentiment and condolences to share.

Bowie was much more than a singer, composer and musician. He was a poet, artist, photographer, actor and—of course—a fashion icon. He was a modern day Renaissance Man and he will be very missed.

Posted by: TAWD on January 11, 2016

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