The Return of Stan Smith

Adidas initially launched the Stan Smith tennis shoes around 40 years ago, yet it is one of the iconic silhouettes that represent the German brand. In recent times though, the popular model was put on ice, stopping production for about two years. Now, it seems the green light is on for Stan Smith models to be released again under adidas Originals line. January will see three color schemes of the sneakers, made up of green, navy, and red. Paying homage to its roots, the upper and sole is unified in white tone, with only the heel tab and tongue graphic sporting the primary colors. A select few celebrity Adidas fans were sent a pair customized especially for them. On the list; Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys.

Posted by: TAWD on January 8, 2014

3 responses to “The Return of Stan Smith”

  1. Intersesting, I used to love my Stan Smith's. Quite a coincidence Chris Lowe is also a fan.
    Question, do you know if Pete Burns is also a connaisseur or does he prefer another brand?

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