Well, after a 3 year closure the brand new SF MOMA with its enormous expansion is complete. The new museum (currently the largest display of modern art in the US) opened its doors last week to much amusement and fanfare. I was lucky to have beat the crowd and gone to a sneak preview a few weeks earlier. It is truly spectacular in every way. My main concern was how they were going to be able to meld the two structures, designed by two separate architects in two very different styles. Well, they did it and it is so seamless you can hardly tell where the old building ends and the new one starts. In fact if you’ve never been to the SF MOMA before and you didn’t know about the expansion, trust me, you’d never know.

With all the exciting features of the new space there was one I actually could do without. Now this may sound strange coming from me (Mr. Brand Man) but who decided to slap the newly re-designed logo on the front of the building? Really? Why?? The building is iconic. Since 1995 it has never needed an identifier on it so why now? While we’re at it, how about a sign on the side of the Golden Gate Bridge, oh and TransAmerica Pyramid! OK, I’ll stop now. I feel better.

In any case, get to the SF MOMA and plan to be there all day!

151 Third Street
San Francisco, California

Posted by: TAWD on May 23, 2016

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