Queen For A Day

This past week I was glued to the TV for all of the Diamond Jubilee events for the Queen of England. The highlight being the big concert in front of Buckingham Palace. As one of the few American performers, Grace Jones stole the show singing Slave to the Rhythm while hula-hooping for the duration of the song. The 64-year-old, wearing a giant red headpiece and shiny bodice worthy of 90s-era Mugler, kept the hoop spinning for four minutes, occasionally throwing her arms into the air, as most of the royal family looked on. No word if she was chewing gum at the same time. Apparently, people trending Grace went through the roof (yes, higher than that head dress!). Once again proving popularity abroad while being completely obscure in the States isn’t always such a bad thing. Lady GaGa who??

Posted by: TAWD on June 11, 2012

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