New Lacoste Collaborations

FriendsWithYou x Lacoste
With their monumental installatiopns, their immersive performances and their unifying mantra “Magic, Luck and Friendship,” FriendsWithYou wants to re-enchant the world. Based in Los Angeles since 2002, the artistic duo led by American Samuel Borkson and Cuban Arturo Sandoval III delivers an joyful and playful aesthetic. Their minimal design charachers are invented alongside the crocodile.
Jean-Michel Tixier x Lacoste
Elegant lines and off-beat humour. With his clear designs and his signature swathes of colour, the French illustrator Jean-Michel Tixier has thought up a crocodile in his own image. Cool and resolutely fashionable, the croc is made more human with the traits of, in turn, a stylish hipster, a sportswear addict or a preppy daddy.
Jeremyville x Lacoste
Between New York and Sydney, the Australian artist Jeremyville crafts his own style drawing inspiration from street art and comic culture. In his universe defined by geometric designs and rounded shapes, the crocodile is joined by tennis rackets and balls, transformed into hybrid and surrealist creatures. A prolifc, arty jungle labyrinth.

Posted by: TAWD on July 16, 2020

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