“Image Makers”

When it comes to crossing disciplines in the realm of art, perhaps no one has done so with more imagination than Jean-Paul Goude. Since the early 70’s Goude has expressed his excentric point of view through photography, illustration, art direction, design and hybrid artworks. In the spirit of Goude’s knack for invention, curator Hélène Kelmachter has mounted a group exhibition called “Image Makers” at Tokyo’s 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT featuring similarly brilliant thinkers whose work defies easy catagorization. Robert Wilson’s video portraits are shown alongside David Lynch’s lithographs, Noritaka Tatehana’s shoe sculptures and Photographer Hal’s vibrantly colorful (you guessed it!) photographs.

For Goude’s part, he’s teamed up with composer Jun Miyake on a performance piece described by Kelmachter as “a total work of art.” Additional Goude projects being shown “Subway Installation,” a film that reproduces department store advertisements inside a Parisian subway (Goude, a longtime art director for French department store Galeries Lafayette), “Maternity Dress,” the photo collage “Cut-Up EKTA” and an assortment of other mixed-media drawings and artworks.

Posted by: TAWD on October 2, 2014

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