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Following his collaboration with Japanese fashion retailor UNIQLO earlier this year, artist Daniel Arsham is now tapping into the world of interior design with Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper. Through the partnership, his signature eroded motif can now be brought home in the form of wallpaper.

Dubbed “Erosions,” the collection was initially created as a large-scale wall mural for an exhibition at New York’s Perrotin Gallery back in 2018. The wallpaper features a motif that gives the illusion of fragments of crystal peeping through the wall creating a three-dimensional effect. The pattern was originally developed for Arsham’s series of large selenite art pieces that represent his dystopian view of the future.

In order to achieve a crisp, realistic effect, Calico Wallpaper’s co-founder Rachel Cope utilized a high-tech scanning process that can recreate every detail found in Arsham’s work. The wallpaper is available in a selection of hues. Crystal white (seen here) inspired by the selenite pieces, dusty blue inspired by his 2018 “Cracked Bear” piece and powdery pink inspired by Arsham’s partnership with Dior Men for its 2019 runway show.

The “Erosions” collection is currently available for purchase via Calico Wallpaper’s online store.

Posted by: TAWD on September 3, 2020

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