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Doonan on Lockdown

Fashion pro, former Creative Ambassador-at-Large for Barneys department store, and author of “How to Be Yourself,” Simon Doonan might be self-quarantining out on Shelter Island, NY, but that’s doesn’t mean he’s been letting his sartorial standards slip.

Simon says it’s important to put on a little outfit every day. He suggests pretending you’re going somewhere, even if you’re not. He compared this to taking a great antidepressant. It’s definitely a mood elevator. There’s always somebody to dress up for, even if it’s the window cleaner.

For many of us that someone only appears via our laptop and phone screens. However, that’s no reason not to make an effort, in Doonan’s opinion. He’s been favoring embroidered, Western-style shirts recently, as the detailing tends to fall on the upper part of the garment, giving the wearer a more personalized Zoom presence. And this tip can be applied to women’s wardrobes too; as Doonan points out, the ionic, 20th century designer Elsa Schiaparelli used to put all her most eye-catching details on her garments’ upper portions.

Decor matters also, he argues, saying that a video meeting background should be engaging, but also profession appropriate—arguing that it should reflect you. Of course, he’s standing behind his circular mirror, rimmed with radiating chair legs but if you’re giving colonoscopies for a living you don’t want to be too crazy and flamboyant.

Nevertheless, some level of self-conviction is important in Doonan’s view. The worst fashion faux pas—is to look in the mirror, and not see yourself. Doonan is unlikely to look into his radiant mirror and have that experience any time soon. 

For more from the great man, who holds forth on everything from careers to relationships, love and interior décor, check out his book, “How to be Yourself.”

Posted by: TAWD on October 12, 2020

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