My mother always told me never to discuss religion or politics with friends, as it is impolite and could cause rifts that otherwise may never exist. But on the coattails surrounding all the hoopla issuing in the new Pope, I just can’t help myself (sorry mom!) 

Now, I myself am not Catholic (or anything really) but as an interested observer of all things happening in the media, it’s fair to say the Catholic Church has had a good amount of scrutiny and scandal. Perhaps that’s why so many folks are so excited about having a new Pope. And not just any new Pope, but the first Latin American and the first named Francis. All cause for celebration, right?

Well, I say, why stop there? This is a rare opportunity for the Catholic Church to make some other big changes. And by changes, I mean rebranding of course! Let’s start with the name. The name Catholic feels very old and stogy. It also borders on being a bit exclusionary and elitist. I’d like to recommend a new name: cathy. It’s friendly, approachable and sounds more like a close friend than a gigantic religious empire.

Now, what great new naming assignment would be complete without a new logo? Here it is. Playing of the strategy of the new naming and presenting itself in a way that attracts old diehard members of the congregation as well as those that have maybe drifted away. The typeface is clean, contemporary and free from sin. The lower case treatment speaks rather than preaches. The soft curves on the embedded crucifix offsetting the sharp edges give it great feminine appeal, and let’s face it the Church could use all the appeal to women it can get.

Light, refreshing, comforting and stable like a good friend. cathy is sure to please. Can I get an a-men up in here??

Posted by: TAWD on March 17, 2013

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