Cassettes Make a Comeback

It seems that the vinyl revolution has ushered in another blast from the past; cassette tapes. At first it seemed like a bit of a nostalgic gimmick but now it really seems to be catching on. Most artists are now including this age-old format in their new release programs—some even labeled “Limited Edition.” The resurgence has caused me flashbacks to the days I would jam to my ABC and Dead or Alive cassettes on my Sony Walkman—at some point wearing them out and forced to replace them. “How to Be a Zillionaire” and “Youthquake” were both replaced no fewer than three times each. Like overplayed cassette tapes, Walkmans too eventually wore out and became obsolete. This was heavily aided by the emergence of the Compact Disc and Sony’s answer to said new music format, the Discman.

Skip ahead to 2020. (Re)introducing the newest, hottest “retro” music format; The Cassette Tape. Now just one big question remains; What on earth do you play it on?

Posted by: TAWD on January 31, 2020

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