The girls put on a helluva show last night at a terrific venue in North Park. Loved hearing the oldies but really grooving on the new single! It was fun seeing some familiar faces in the crowd as well. Cheers!

TAWD January 28, 2019


I recently completed a branding assignment for 1RealTour, a company that specializes in web solutions for real estate agents. The brains behind the company is Joseph Smith who was also the brains behind developing my recently renovated website. Check them out here.

TAWD January 21, 2019

Lynch Goes Bang!

Cult director David Lynch is turning up the volume with his very own special-edition speaker collection. A man of many talents, the filmmaker, screenwriter, actor, artist, photographer and musician who brought us “Twin Peaks,” “Blue Velvet” and “Mulholland Drive,” has joined forces with Danish sound geniuses Bang & Olufsen for the re-release of their BeoPlay […]

TAWD January 15, 2019

Fashion Graveyard

Is big and boxy the new black? Is this a bad case of follow the leader? When did bland become en vogue? This is one fashion trend—I for one—am not following.

TAWD January 4, 2019
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