Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar returns to the melodramatic hallmarks of his early career with inspiration renewed in his new film “Julieta.” The film features classic Almodóvar nuances and performances that fade slowly into focus, making this the filmmaker’s most moving work since 2006’s Volver.  “Julieta” is out now in select theaters.

TAWD January 31, 2017


Goldfrapp are back! Three years after their last album ‘Tales Of Us,’ ‘Silver Eye’ feels like a spiritual successor to 2005’s ‘Supernature.’ The album features ten tracks with titles like ‘Tigerman,’ ‘Beast That Never Was’ and ‘Zodiac Black’ which are pulsing, atmospheric and very electronic. Alison and Will collaborated with producers John Congleton and The Haxan Cloak to […]

TAWD January 25, 2017
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