Mario Testino’s particular brand of feel-good photography—Princess Diana smiling sweetly, a scantily-clad yet wholesome Gisele Bundchen, bronze-skinned boys cavorting on a beach in Rio—might lead some to think he’s been seduced by his own high production values and celebrity focus. But that wouldn’t be the complete picture.  What Mario seeks in his photos is a […]

TAWD October 30, 2013

Lou Reed

Rest in Peace Lou. My thoughts go out to you Laurie. I’ll never forget the day a ran into the two of you in the alley behind Zuni Cafe in San Francisco. Talk about a power couple!

TAWD October 28, 2013


Just spent a fun-tastic five days in Montreal, Canada. One of the highlights was this giant interactive outdoor sculpture that was completely illuminated. If I spoke French, I may have been able to follow the careful instructions that guided you through the piece. Instead, I just enjoyed the beautiful light.

TAWD October 17, 2013

Electric Live

I had a lovely chat backstage last night with Neil Tenant and Chris Lowe AKA Pet Shop Boys at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Among topics of conversation; their interest in my François Sagat t-shirt (“Is that one of our’s??” Neil asked), the frustration behind creating a custom made Vinyl Factory box set for their […]

TAWD October 8, 2013

A Pun Explotion

The funny thing about attempting to ban something is that it gets crazy more attention. So when the chic hit the fan this week that Saint Laurent had demanded Colette stop selling parody T-shirts that read “Ain’t Laurent Without Yves” (then cancel a lucrative order with the blue-chip retailer and suspend all future orders until […]

TAWD October 4, 2013
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