Claudia Brücken

Claudia Brücken’s new album, The Lost are Found, is out now. Claudia worked with famed producer Stephen Hague (New Order, Pet Shop Boys, OMD) on an exhilarating collection of intensely atmospheric songs by other people. These ‘other people’ are some of the favorite writers and artists of both Claudia and Stephen, expressing their particular obsession […]

TAWD December 11, 2012


Mastaba is the name of the proposed sculpture in the United Arab Emirates by the artist Christo. A pyramid made from 410,000 oil barrels and standing 150 meters high, it may be the largest work of art in the world. Christo—famous for wrapping the Berlin Reichstag in fabric 17 years ago and more recently erecting […]

TAWD December 4, 2012
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