Futura Does Hennessy

After their collaboration with the artist KAWS, Hennessy has created a new look for their bottle with the American artist Futura. The bottle features the iconic visual signature of the artist. A special edition bottle has been created for Colette, Paris. Futura will be performing live and doing a bottle signing at Colette on October 22.

TAWD September 25, 2012

Maison Kitsuné Does Pernod Absinthe

You can thank the formation of the European Union for the widespread—if belated—acceptance of absinthe across Europe, following a decades-long ban. “Real” Absinthe is still banned in the good ol’ U.S. of puritanical A (because of anecdotal, but not actual, evidence of hallucinatory effects.) So it’ll be something of a speakeasy this week when Maison […]

TAWD September 10, 2012
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