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TAWD May 17, 2012

Hot To Trot!

Alexander McQueen’s blaze print for spring has really caught on, spreading from flame-licked men’s shirts to fully engulfed men’s sneakers. Made in Italy, the fire-walkers come with a leather top sole and lining, as well as a padded tongue and ankle sections for extra comfort. Who needs a fire under your behind with these on […]

TAWD May 14, 2012

Westwood’s Call to Action

“What we’re talking about regarding climate-change refugees is total chaos, where natural disasters are more intense and more often,” says Vivienne Westwood. “The world is giving us this warning of more horror to come.” Scary stuff, but Dame Viv is hardly immobilized by fear. She’s been active and vocal on the topic for as long […]

TAWD May 6, 2012
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