Gaultier Goes Light

You might think, given his choreographed single sip of Diet Coke served on a silver tray backstage at Chanel each season, that Karl Lagerfeld would never relinquish his role as the soft drink’s creative director. But he has, while another European designer with a taste for fizzy showmanship has assumed the mantle, none other than […]

TAWD March 31, 2012

Eric Watson

British photographer, videographer and instructor Eric Watson has passed away at the early age of 56. His collaboration with and image creation of the Pet Shop Boys will no doubt be one of his largest contributions to the creative world. Eric, you will be very missed!

TAWD March 22, 2012


The artwork took second billing to Hollywood hoopla this week at “Terrywood,” Terry Richardson’s first Los Angeles showing, at Aaron Bondaroff and Al Moran’s OHWOW Gallery. And to be sure nobody missed it, a Terrywood sign was erected on the gallery’s rooftop and searchlights crisscrossed the night sky. The show attracted enough of a scene […]

TAWD March 1, 2012
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