Absolut SF

The long-awaited (well, for some) reveal for the San Francisco version of Absolut vodka has ceremoniously arrived. As noted by Camper English in the weekend’s paper, Absolut SF will be introduced Wednesday as a blend of three flavors: grape, dragon fruit, and papaya. But before you get all confused and skeptical about those seemingly-random flavors, […]

TAWD May 31, 2011


Artist provacatuer Barbara Kruger is unveiling her newest installation in Los Angeles. It is a mix of trademark slogan works and new video installations at L&M Arts gallery, May 14 – July 9. Since the mid 1990s, Kruger has created large-scale immersive video and audio installations. Enveloping the viewer with the seductions of direct address, […]

TAWD May 22, 2011

Oh Land

Does pop music really need another tiny, sexy, kooky fashion plate? If that fashion plate is 25-year-old stunner Oh Land, then the answer is a big, resounding “Yes.” Born in the outskirts of Copenhagen to an opera singer mother and a composer father, Oh Land is the latest Scandanavian import making a splash on the […]

TAWD May 8, 2011
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