Ford Vogue

French Vogue has released images from its much-ballyhooed December/January issue, guest-edited by Tom Ford (or Mr. Ford as he now likes to be referred to). A man of many superpowers (including the ability to pull off wearing a feathery Native American headdress), the designer didn’t just show off his spring ’11 collection, which marks his […]

TAWD November 30, 2010

Mugs, Pine and Design!

Thursday night was the annual AIGA fund raiser gala. I was graciously accompanied by two good friends and colleagues Rainey Straus and Mike McGinty. As usual, AIGA SF did an amazing job with theme, location, food, drink and entertainment. The theme this year was focused around the classic pine derby racer cars. A variety of […]

TAWD November 21, 2010

Hell to Pay!

Who says biker gangs—um, I mean clubs—aren’t fashion-conscious? After all, those studded leather jackets and denim vests are always so au courant, but now the Hells Angels are proving that they’re more than a little fashion-savvy. As reported in the Financial Times, the iconic motorcycle club once known for terrorizing small towns near desert highways […]

TAWD November 12, 2010


No matter your thoughts on Kate Moss you gotta admit the girl gives good face. Which is probably why she’s the most enduring of supes. Here she is on the deluxe vinyl collector’s edition of Bryan Ferry’s new album, Olympia, photographed by Adam Whitehead (former director of photography for Mario Testino). The special release from […]

TAWD November 2, 2010
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