We love Lee

I’ve just learned the news that this morning we lost a true inspiration and genius in the fashion world. Alexander McQueen was found dead this morning in his London apartment. It is a very sad day and although we don’t yet have any details, my deepest sympathy goes out to his family, staff and colleagues. […]

TAWD February 11, 2010

“Head First”

Without running the risk of this turning into a music blog… I must say that music is such an inspiration to what I do, it would be almost criminal not to mention it. Especially when so many of my favorite artists are releasing new material this year! Goldfrapp’s new CD “Head First” drops on March […]

TAWD February 10, 2010

Circa 1988

I recently came across these photographs. This was my first foray into environmental design. My family had landed for a brief stay in Medford, Oregon. Just long enough for me to become the editor of the high school yearbook and nab a job as layout editor for a state sponsored student magazine project called “Looking […]

TAWD February 1, 2010
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