“Soldier of Love”

The new song by Sade “Soldier of Love” is just about exactly what I needed right now. No one does it quite like Sade and when the ten year silence is broken by something this good it’s almost worth the wait… almost. Ten years! Yikes! Who else in the music industry has that type of […]

TAWD January 29, 2010

Tis the Season

It’s crab season and there’s nothing like a big bowl of Cioppino. especially with all of the cold and rainy weather we’ve been having. My best friend Mike and I popped into Anchor Bar in the Castro recently to indulge. Mike used to live around the corner and is on a first name basis with […]

TAWD January 28, 2010

“Reality Killed The Video Star”

The new Robbie Williams album “Reality Killed The Video Star” is terrific! The title is a bit of a spoof on the song by the Buggles in the early 80’s “Video Killed The Radio Star.” The Buggles consisted of Trevor Horn and Geoffrey Downs. Robbie’s new album is produced by Trevor Horn. After fair success […]

TAWD January 26, 2010

Legacy Part 2

I spent the final part of 2009 and the end of the decade sitting on top of a pyramid just north, outside of Mexico City. I have felt and continue to feel some pretty amazing things are going to happen as we move into 2010 and beyond. At least I have set my expectation level […]

TAWD January 20, 2010
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