Where’s the Beef??

This weekend I had my best girlfriend in from out of town and we did a lot of eating out. Suddenly I noticed something that has slowly been going on here in the city. Of course, it took a more concentrated series of experiences for me to really feel passionately enough to speak out about. […]

TAWD April 27, 2009


Pet Shop Boys new album dropped in the US today. Of course, some of us PetHeads have been enjoying the import the past few weeks. iTunes is selling the album with bonus audio commentary. The whole thing is really brilliant and some of their finest work to date. Their collaboration with producers Xenomania is like […]

TAWD April 21, 2009

Why not font?

“Font” has become one of those horribly overused and largely misunderstood words for the general public. When I say general public, I guess I am referring largely to PeeCee users everywhere who have been given the clear and distinct label “font” to all things typographic. I have found that many of my very own clients will give […]

TAWD April 7, 2009
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